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Fearless specializes in Product Integration, Celebrity Seeding and Co-Promotional Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry. We understand the value of branding, product marketing, and your demographic need to provide the best possible, viral content for your brand.

Our integrations have been seen across TV, Radio, and Events. We have worked with everyone from the NFL, Breaking Bad, FaceOff, Conan, Hip Hop Gamer, Revolt, Vice, Power 105.1, multiple digital MCN’s and a host of TV networks too, including FOX, Turner, AMC, FS1, NBC Universal and many others.

So whether you are working to secure celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Aaron Paul, Blake Griffin or YouTube Influencers like IJustine, or Kripp and Vanoss, we can work with you to find the right celebrity and demographics for your brand. We are working to create deeper experiences than just a passing product mention.

Take Control of Your Advertising

We create powerful integrated solutions and communication across all media for your company. We can build and develop marketing strategies, execute campaigns, and drive revenue to bring your company to the front lines of your industry.

We’re here to build something spectacular.

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